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reviews for dr valerie girard santa barbara chiropractors Valerie Girard is who I call when I pick something up too heavy and my back goes out. Or I bounce without shoes on my new mini-trampoline and hyper-extend the bones in my feet (painful!) (I could hardly walk, and in one session she got the bones in my feet re-aligned and good as new), or need an anteriority adjustment (my favorite) when I am on the computer too long without breaks. She is a firm believer in the body wanting to heal, and has many tools to help. I started walking, swimming and lost weight discussing gluten free foods and healthier meals. She has my highest recommendation and I am so grateful she is on my healing team.

-K. West

I went to Dr. Girard with an ankle sprain and a rib injury, both of which she helped to heal.  She has an incredible, intuitive sense which, combined with her excellent physical exam skills, really pinpoint what needs to be done.  She helped me to release some emotional baggage that was tied up with my injured rib, and it healed quickly after seeing her, although it had been causing me pain for several weeks prior to my visit and just wouldn't go away.  She also treated the lingering pain and swelling around my ankle with manual adjustments, cold-laser therapy, and sports tape, all of which helped it to resolve quickly after her treatment.  In addition, she did some quick spinal adjustments which felt wonderful and left me floating out of her office.

~Jeremy R

Dr. Girard is truly one of the most gifted chiropractors I have been to. She helped me with my shoulder pain using her cold laser, gives great, gentle adjustments and is extremely knowledgeable about healing chronic issues. I have several sports injuries that she has helped--so that i can still play tennis, bike and run. She is magical.


Valerie has been treating me for over 15 years. She often subsides my neck and back pain with her cold laser therapy which is miraculous. I also had a deep cut and the cold laser seemed to help it heal faster without a scar. Valerie is patient, extremely experienced and gentle. She has helped me with so many issues so many times, always helpful, caring and compassionate. She is the best!

~Nick P

Thank YOU Valerie! You helped rediscover our son again. He was truly suffering from chronic headaches for two years, beginning in his senior year of high school. His demeanor radically changed to one of curt and very irritable, not always nice to be around. We had him tested for EVRYTHING. Cat scans, MRI, TMJ realignment, acupressure, wife and I felt helpless. Valerie treated my son, recommended some oral remedies and had us check for mold in our home. THAT WAS IT! Mold was in the interior north facing wall, rarely got sunlight on that wall. He slept with his head next to that wall....After treatment with Valerie and having the mold professionally removed and interior walls treated, within two months, ALL headaches symptoms have gone away. He is successfully navigating college without headaches! Thank you for helping us get our son back!

~Eneresto P

Valerie has helped my wife with her chronic pain, back, and hip issues for as long as I can remember. Both Joanna and I feel very lucky to have Val on our team. Valerie is a gifted healer and body worker. My wife will always turn to Valerie first. She is by the far the best around.

~Stan K

Thankfully, I have never had to shop around for a chiropractor in Santa Barbara because I found the best there is.  Valerie listens, really listens to your issues.  She will do her very best in getting you out of pain as quickly as possible.  She knows what she is doing and I fully trust her expertise and experience.  She see's your overall body issues and makes proper adjustments as they are needed.  Don't hesitate to give her a call if you want to see the results you have been missing.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Cheers Valerie you are my kind of people.

~Kathy G

Dr. Valerie Girard is someone you would want to consult with if you are having any health issues or upcoming surgery. She is extremely knowledgeable about how to get healthy and stay healthy, in a whole body kind of way, and how to recover quickly from surgery. In fact, she wrote a book about recovering from surgery and I used it and have recommended it to several friends. If you have any health issues and want to enhance your health, or are having surgery soon, I highly recommend a potentially life changing consultation with her. Thank you Valerie!!

~Patrica S

You are genius and I bow in your general direction!!  I am grateful to have found you.
Thank you for sharing your awesome reserves of wisdom, dedication and playful spirit.

~ TL

I have always been pleased with Dr. Girard's treatments which are non-invasive, not harmful, and very effective.  I would highly recommend her services to any health-conscious person, as she treats the mind, body, and spirit, with a gentle manner and good humor.

~P. Gregory

You are a true gift of healing to the community.

~R. Castagnola

Hallelujah! Yowzaa!  Wheeee!  Thank you so much for my time with you. That was awe-inspiring and you are a true healer and wise wizard.


You're a miracle worker. My hand feels SO much better. Today I'm actually able to play guitar chords that I was previously unable to play. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

-S. McCue

“Thank you for all your care, love and healing during the past 20 years. You always seem to go immediately to the place on my body that needs the most help. And then I sail out of your office feeling all "put back together again!" You are a blessing!” 


My teenage son and I have been going to Valerie for chiropractic care for many years. She has the ability to tune right into the person's problem. She's gentle, yet firm. She's up on the latest technologies. Most important she knows how to listen and genuinely cares about her clients.

-Caren A.

Valerie's extensive background of chiropractic, nutritional and varied other healing arts allows her to be an incredibly effective healer. My long-term back problems have improved significantly under her care. I appreciate how she takes the time to understand the cause and nature of the problem, and then address it on multiple levels, including suggesting exercises to be done at home. Her willingness to have the patient be a partner in the treatment is very empowering. She brings a vast knowledge of chiropractic and medical techniques together with well-honed intuitive skills, and the healing occurs! Both of my kids love Valerie's work as well, and they let me know whenever they need a visit.

-Julie Wexler, Ian and Melanie

Valerie is a healer in the way of the ancients. When wellness meant wholeness, and healing addressed more than the physical body. Her gifts are many, her understanding profound. It's a blessing to treat with her.

-Joyce Gustafson

I have needed help with a low back injury (horse accident) for over 20 years, and feel very fortunate that I was finally referred to Dr. Valerie Girard. Dr. Girard is not only focused on spinal manipulation, but has a broadened holistic approach to her practice. She works gently and efficiently with spinal alignment, and also considers and works with the body's chemical, energetic, and emotional imbalances. Dr. Girard is my only doctor. She approaches her patients from a very positive place in her heart, and this makes her an especially gifted healer.

-Chris Hagerty

Valerie is a gifted health care professional, full of wisdom, humor and dedication coupled with a TRULY wholistic approach to her work as a chiropractor.

-Dennie LaTourelle, W.K.

I had a terrible infection of Clostridium Difficile, a bacterial infection of the gastrointestinal tract. After numerous attempts by western medicine to correct it using antibiotics, I visited Dr. Girard's office, and with her treatments, I was completely back to normal in less than two weeks. Most C. Diff. sufferers can take up to one year to recover!


I've been to many chiropractors, but none intuitively knew where to work on my body. Valerie knows. She looks at me and moves directly to the area in need. She's relieved me of back pain, headaches, and got me walking on the same level again. She encourages patients to become aware of their own body and learn how to maintain a healthy one. It's been a pleasure being her patient, one of many whom she always remembers whether it has been a week or six. A true healer, I highly recommend Valerie Girard.

-Kimberly Hahn

I have been working with Dr. Girard for 15 years now, and she is the only chiropractor able to align and heal my body on so many levels. I am more balanced emotionally, nutritionally, physically, and spiritually. She has mastered and fine tuned profound diagnostic skills that set her apart from other practitioners I have experienced. I will be forever grateful for her insight and care.

-Nancy Faulkner


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