Santa Barbara Chiropractor for over 30 years
Biography for Dr. Valerie Girard, Chiropractor
Santa Barbara Chiropractor for over 25 years

Known as one of the best Santa Barbara Chiropractors with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Girard is located at 1725 State Street.   After completing her B.A. in Theater Arts and obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic, Valerie trained and competed as a triathelete. This gave her invaluable experience in dietary, fitness, nutritional and recovery protocols. It also gave her the desire to get all patients who are athletes back into physical activity quickly and efficiently. She currently is a tennis enthusiast and enjoys working with the tennis community to keep them fit and on the court.

Dr. Girard first started the clinic, A Family Chiropractic Center, with Dr. Kathryn Jacobson in 1983 with the idea of providing premium wholistic health care to Santa Barbara's families. Drs. Girard and Jacobson focused their healing talents on alignment, deep tissue massage, stretching and yoga, energy healing, homeopathy and emotional well being.The clinic also provided acupuncture and massage to meet all of their patient's wholistic health needs and has continued this until recently.

She is practicing at Santa Barbara Chiropractic Arts with Dr. Steve Sherwin.

Dr. Girard has taught various classes in alternative healing to include body detoxification, weight loss and blood sugar management through diet and supplements. She has lectured as an associate instructor and worked as a teaching assistant at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She has also taught nutrition at The Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Girard conributed research in the wholistic healing field through TBM, an organization devoted to developing physiological healing strategies though energetic medicine. She developed hundreds of protocols for healing allergies, blood sugar metabolism, energy imbalances, functional illnesses and mind-body dysfunction.

Valerie has lectured on numerous health topics such as Recover Quickly from Surgery, Healthy Strategies for the Holidays, Creative Aging, Balance! Stretch! Strengthen! Empower! as well as Visualizations for Healing. She has also been a guest speaker at health symposiums. In addition, she has appeared on local Santa Barbara radio and television shows as a guest speaker on similar health topics.

In addition, she has developed clinical strategies to assist individuals and families in healing and preventing colds, allergies, sleep disorders, toxicity and fatigue. Also, she has treated shock, trauma, depression and emotionally based imbalances through simple on the body techniques that she has developed.

Dr. Girard also teaches classes for those wishing to learn the system of energetic healing she developed, PanHarmonic Healing. Various practitioners throughout Santa Barbara and the U.S. utilize her work.

In her thirty years of clinical practice as a chiropractor, Dr. Girard has empowered her patients and students alike to heal on all levels by providing them with valuable tools they can use to heal themselves. She is totally devoted to helping as many people as possible heal completely and quickly.

She has recently published, Recover Quickly from Surgery, co-writing it with Michelle Gysan. This book covers a variety of health topics and has been enjoyed by many people who are not having surgery for its sound advice on how to enhance daily life. It is available as a print book and an ebook on Amazon.

She has written over three hundred blogs on health and spiritual development and has taught twice weekly classes on those topics over the last 10 years.


Dr. Valerie Girard, Santa Barbara Chiropractor

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As one of Santa Barbara's long term chiropractors, Dr. Girard offers brief consultations by phone to determine if she can assist you with your health care needs. She will direct you to other practitioners if she cannot provide you with the health care that best serves you.