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Laser Therapy For Healing

Cold Laser Therapy has been a healing modality for four decades but is just coming into the awareness of the general public. Patients are hopeful for relief from symptoms that have not resolved from other modalities. What is surprising is the wide number of conditions that it can successfully treat.

First and foremost, it can effectively treat pain. The relief is often palpable within minutes. Even when this is not the case, relief will come within hours. Pain resulting from contusions, sprains and strain, as well as joint misalignment, most readily respond to laser therapy.

Yet other conditions surprising respond as well. Peripheral neuralgia or neuralgias resulting from nerve impingement respond well, especially if the proper alignment has taken place. Injuries to nerves also respond favorably, as when a nerve is injured in surgery or dental work. Cranial nerve injury could be a difficult issue to treat, however success has been shown with a number of treatments.

Post herpetic neuralgia may also respond to a number of laser treatments. Again, it is important to remove any interference at the spinal root level.

Bruises and scars can appear to heal right before your eyes. I have witnessed a significant contusion from a fall decrease by 50% within 10 minutes, changing from deep purple to lavender gray. Scars from surgical procedures heal in half the time or better. I witnesses a two inch abdominal scar heal overnight from dark red to flaky white. Extensive abrasions from motorcycle injuries have healed without scarring.

Cold Laser Therapy is also used to promote healing in stubborn pain cases by recreating the connection between the brainstem and the area of pain. The neurological pathway is reestablished and the body begins to heal as it should.

It can be applied to organs and glands to give them an extra energetic boost to heal and detoxify. The liver, lungs, kidneys and other organs all respond well to laser therapy. It is a powerful adjunct to functional and energetic medicine used by some chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopaths.

It also rejuvenates skin, assists in weight loss and can help with fatigue and lack of energy.

If you have any questions about whether cold laser therapy can help a stubborn condition that you are experiencing, please feel free to call and ask for more information.


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