Santa Barbara Chiropractor for over 30 years
One of the most experienced Santa Barbara Chiropractors
with over 25 years of helping patients.

We welcome your call and questions:

Please call us to arrange an appointment at (805) 687-1617

If you wish to fax us, you may use              (805) 682-1365


Reception Hours:

Monday        10-6PM

Tuesday        9-1PM

Wednesday  10-6PM

Thursday      10-6PM

Friday            9-12PM


*Weekends by Appointment if Urgent


1725 State Street B

Santa Barbara, CA 93101 

(We are located on State St.between Islay and Valerio).

We are next door to the acupuncture clinic.

*Park on the street in front of the office or across the street behind the former Bank of America Building


Dr. Valerie Girard, Santa Barbara Chiropractor

Your Family Chiropractic Health and Wellness Specialist
1725 State Street B, Santa Barbara, CA 93101   (805) 687-1617  (805) 682-1365 fx.

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As one of Santa Barbara's long term chiropractors, Dr. Girard offers brief consultations by phone to determine if she can assist you with your health care needs. She will direct you to other practitioners if she cannot provide you with the health care that best serves you.