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Core Exercises for Your Body To Strengthen, Tone and Prevent Injurys
Tips from a Santa Barbara Chiropractor


Consult your doctor if there is any discomfort in doing these exercises.

Abdominal Curl Up

On hands and knees, let ab’s sag to floor. Pull them up and in, hold for two breaths, release. Repeat 12 times





Bird Dog

On hands and knees, let ab’s sag to floor. Pull them up and in, extend on arm straight out or one leg or both, using opposite arm and leg. Hold for two breaths, release, Reverse to opposite arm and leg. Repeat 12Xs for both sides.


Horizontal Side Bridge.

Lie on side. Top foot on floor, in front of bottom foot. Bend elbow and prop yourself up on it. Hip on floor. Curl up pubic bone, lift hip off floor. Repeat 12 times each side. Next, place top foot on bottom foot. Curl up pubic bone, lift hip off floor. 12x each side. Next begin with straight arm. Sag hip to floor. Curl up pubic bone, lift hip so that body is in straight line. 12x each side. Feet can be places on rocker disc, repeat with elbow or straight arm each side.



Place broom stick on back of head and on sacrum. Place feet hip width apart. Curl up pubic bone. Squat, keeping alignment with stick. Do 12 squats. Bring feet progressively closer with each set of 12.


Vertical Lunge

Hands on hips, curl up pubic bone, step forward, bend knee and bring towards floor. Keep body vertical and knees 90º. If knees bother, step backwards.


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