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Energetic Chiropractic Medicine: How to Release Negative Thoughts and Blocks
What is Energetic Medicine? Implementing Body / Mind Healing

We use our body to express emotions. Muscles get tight, tears flow, our body shakes. Sometimes emotions get trapped in our body and cause body symptoms. Emotional or financial issues can cause low back pain. Stress can cause neck pain. Unexpressed emotions can cause any number of issues. Energetic chiropractic care can clear these blocks and enabling your body to heal in a new way.

Because of our hectic lives, it can be difficult to access our feelings. If we leave them untended for days, weeks and years, they can translate into symptoms that may well lead to disease. It has been estimated that close to ninety percent of all ailments have an emotional or mental component. This is the body-mind connection.

Because it is not easy to know what is behind our symptoms, Dr. Girard developed technologies that will allow her to read between the symptoms and ascertain if there are emotional issues that are inhibiting healing. Sometimes it is as easy as talking it though and to this end, Dr. Girard will lend a listening ear. All issues are treated with the utmost confidence.

However, if someone is not clear what they are feeling or if they are having difficulty working through their issues, PanHarmonic Healing has specific treatment protocols that diagnosis and free up the emotions to flow freely. The patient is not required to talk about the issues, but may access them privately. It is possible to link symptoms with emotions through the nervous system, allowing for complete healing of body/mind.

Often, we incur great traumas and shocks in our lives that never heal. Tragedies, accidents, divorces, breakups, deaths and illnesses can cause us to close down parts of our awareness. These traumas get encapsulated in the brain consciousness and often compartmentalize the unconscious mind. This inhibits healing on many levels. These must be cleared first for true healing to happen. Dr Girard has developed a technique to access and clear all old traumas and shocks. This is usually accomplished in one or two sessions that may last an hour. Once traumas and shocks are cleared, true emotional healing can take place.M

Many patients have consulted with Dr. Girard for specific emotional issues. She has had significant success treating depression, self-esteem and childhood issues as well as unexplained emotional problems that repeatedly inhibit health and growth. She often treats chronic issues in one to four treatments with no reoccurrence noted.

Dr. Girard currently teaches others how to use this healing technology on themselves and others, offering this class on a yearly basis. She will be holding monthly clinics for those who wish to learn this work and to offer it to others.

If you feel you may want to have a private PanHarmonic Healing session for depression or other emotional issues, you may call Dr. Girard at 805 687-1617 to see if PanHarmonic is right for you. Initial sessions are usually one hour if you have incurred traumas and shocks in your life as these must be cleared first for true healing to happen.  Emotional healing sessions may usually be accomplished in a half hour session.


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