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Santa Barbara Chiropractor's Favorite  Green Drink


Can I tell you how much I LOVE my green drink in the morning? Forget the coffee, this makes me feel fabulous! I encourage all my chiropractic patients to try this healthy drink at the beginning of each day. The greens alkalanize your system and power you up with vitamins and minerals. The cilantro chelates out heavy metals, especially mercury. The lemon, parsley and ginger are detoxifying. The green tea and parsley are powerful anti-cancer agents. The apple or coconut make it taste so delicious, you will crave this dreink daily. Your eyes and skin will get clearer as you detoxify over the weeks that you enjoy this great morning (and evening) drink.

In a blender or Vitamix add the following in this order:

1/2 -1 cup Organic Unfiltered Apple Juice


1/2 cup unsweetened coconut water

2 cups brewed green tea

1 whole lemon, peeled

1 medium cucumber, in pieces

1 c fresh washed organic kale or other greens

1/2- 1 cup or more cilantro

1/2 c parsley

1 small chunk of ginger

3 stalks of celery, in pieces

5-6 ice cubes



Start your blender on low speed and gradually increase to full speed. Blend for 2-3 minutes until greens are well pulverized. You may need to push mash towards blades.

Makes 3-4 servings of drink.


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As one of Santa Barbara's long term chiropractors, Dr. Girard offers brief consultations by phone to determine if she can assist you with your health care needs. She will direct you to other practitioners if she cannot provide you with the health care that best serves you.