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Laser Therapy for reducing chronic pain for Santa Barbara and Goleta
As a Santa Barbara chiropractor for over 25 years, the use of  cold laser therapy has alleviated chronic pain, reduced scarring and accelerated the recovery process for many of my chiropractic patients.

Over ten thousand chiropractors throughout the US are using Cold Laser Therapy to augment their treatments. Cold Laser offers pain control by reducing inflammation and irritation. Over 4000 studies have been conducted in recent years to validate the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. The Erchonia cold lasers treatment systems was the first to be cleared by the FDA.

Healing With Cold Lasers

The cold laser produces an impulse of light at a wavelength (approximate 900nm) that maximized the energy (in photons) at a desire depth, usually 10-13cm (4-5 inches) deep. This may be combined with other laser diode with a shorter wavelength (875nm) to add photons to the shallower levels of tissue. In addition, red light diode with a wavelength of 660nm may be used to add energy to even shallower levels of tissues.

See if laser therapy might help your condition.


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As one of Santa Barbara's long term chiropractors, Dr. Girard offers brief consultations by phone to determine if she can assist you with your health care needs. She will direct you to other practitioners if she cannot provide you with the health care that best serves you.