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A Chiropractor's View on Orthotics
Support Spinal Alignment Using Orthotics


An 'orthotic' arch support is a device designed to restore your natural foot function and give you optimum arch support. A custom orthotic is one that is fit to your foot, with alternations made to correct specific issues such as heel spurs, fallen arches, flat feet, knee and low back issues.

Most people with foot imbalances experience little or no pain in their feet. Instead, the pain is transferred to other areas of your body. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body, and having proper posture is the best way to support the body. Everyone needs high quality foot arch support.

Dr. Girard prefers to cast orthotics weightbearing, with the patient stepping into a casting kit, one foot at a time. In addition, she will wait to cast for your orthotic until she feels your alignment is stable so that your orthotic will support proper alignment. Before fitting patients for orthotics, Dr. Girard also insures the bones and muscles in the feet are at their optimum alignment.

Orthotics provide specific shock absorption for athletes who interface with hard surfaces, such as runners, basketball and tennis players and assist in preventing  wear and tear on weightbearing joints. Wearing orthotics can also assist in maintaining alignment in the spine and extremities and alieviate foot pain and discomfort due to structural imbalances.

Many non-athletes order orthotics to relieve a myriad of structural problems. They provide relief for those who must work on concrete surfaces or walk extensively throughout the day.

We offer custom orthotics for athletic, dress and everyday shoes. We also an extensive product line of custom cast athletic and dress shoes as well as fashion and outdoor sandals. These are great for traveling and day long  walking needs and will give your feet the loving arch support they deserve.

Orthotics are best fitted after a chiropractic session when the body is aligned. She offers this currently at no extra expense if done in a chiropractic session. Orthotics themselves range in price depending on their intended use. They may be billed to your insurance company as supports.

Ask Dr. Girard if there are any current specials on orthotics. Mention this website and she will always afford a notable cost reduction to those who need orthotics.


Dr. Girard may recommend other supports such as cervical pillows. These support the corrections for neck and shoulder pain, as well as condtions relating to the elbow, hand and upper back. She may also suggest braces for knees, ankles, wrists and elbows so that your condtion will improve as quickly as possible.


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