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Therapeutic Exercise for Pain Control, Recovery and Posture
How yoga, physical therapy, and chiropractic can heal you.

Dr. Girard believes in the power of the body to heal itself. She has found that therapeutic exericise, including yoga stretches are extremely beneficial in allowing the body to retain the positive changes from the alignment process.

She is also an avid avocate of improving with age! Yoga, exercise, chiropractic and proper diet are the necessary elements to graceful aging.

Valerie has studied Iyengar and Astanga yoga for over fifteen years. She has found that integrating specific poses into her practice has allowed her patients to enhance their recovery, prevent further injury and to improve posture.

She also offers information on weight training and is happy to interface with your trainer to help modify workouts to assist you in your healing process. She understands the impact of both machines and free wieights on the body. She is also able to help you modify yoga workouts or to suggest series that will improve your condition and offer you a level of wellness that exceeds your pre-injury condition.

Dr. Girard has been a triathlete and is an avid tennis player. She has treated many of the tennis players of all ages in her area. She thrives on getting athletes back to their individual and team sports and workouts.

Dr. Girard also refers her patients to trainers and many of the excellent yoga teachers in the area to expand their fitness and flexibility.


Dr. Girard's Favorite Exercise Protocols

Seating Disk Exercises

11 Steps to Great Posture

Core Exercises

Abs for Fun

Neck Stretches


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As one of Santa Barbara's long term chiropractors, Dr. Girard offers brief consultations by phone to determine if she can assist you with your health care needs. She will direct you to other practitioners if she cannot provide you with the health care that best serves you.