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As a Sports Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Girard uses  sports taping to reduce pain, speed healing and to support muscles and joints. "Combined with chiropractic care and cold laser therapy, taping can truly decrease pain and accelerate healing for sports injuries and other types of injuries and pain."
-Dr. Valerie Girard, Santa Barbara Chiropractor 30+ years.
Child Physiotherapy

As a chiropractor who understands how taping can prevent sports and other injuries, Dr. Girard is currently providing athletic taping to those athletes and non-athletes who need joint support, increased circulation, pain reduction, muscles activation, spinal support, decreased swelling in a joint or wound healing. She has been trained in the use of Rock tape, which lasts along time and does not irritate the skin. She offers most taping sessions at no additional cost at this time. Dr. Girard will also train athletes on self-taping for specific injuries.

What sports taping for injuries helps:

This tape has been instrumental in healing:

-reduces pain,

-joint injuries,

-athletic and sports injuries,

-spinal issues,

-joint edema and many other issues.


It is now being used for injury and overuse prevention by star athletes the world over.


How does kinesiology taping the body for injuries help with pain and healing?


The tape works by lifting the fascia off of muscles fibers, allow fluids to easily flow between them. It can help reduce pain. This brings the necessary nutrients to the muscles for enhanced health and repair.

Dr. Girard first discovered Rock tape while recovering from a torn medial meniscus. She combined chiropractic care, ultra sound, taping and biking to rehab her knee to full function. She has assisted many of her patients in their recovery by "tearing tape" with them in affected areas and is very happy with the acceleration and recovery in her star athletes.


Chiropractic adjusting along with Using Cold Laser Therapy and Athletic Taping with Rock Tape is just the answer for healing athletic and other injuries in record time.

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