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Therapeutic Exercise for Pain Control, Injury or Surgery Recovery and Posture:

How combining yoga, physical therapy rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic can heal you.

Chiropractic care usually involves rehabilitation exercises. Dr. Girard, a Santa Barbara chiropractor for over 30 years, has found that therapeutic exercises, including yoga stretches, are extremely beneficial in allowing the body to retain the positive changes from the chiropractic alignment process. Doing these exercises combined with chiropractic treatments decreases the likelihood of  older injuries recurring and keeps you mobile and younger feeling. Anyone with neck, ankle, knee, shoulder issues, joint issues, sports or orthopedic injuries can benefit from combining chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Girard's personalized physical therapeutic exercises.

She is also an avid advocate of improving your health and mobility with age. Utilizing the power of yoga, exercise, chiropractic and a proper diet are necessary elements to graceful aging.

She also offers information on weight training and is happy to interface with your trainer to help modify workouts to assist you in your healing process. She understands the impact of both machines and free weights on the body. She is also able to help you modify yoga workouts or to suggest series that will improve your condition and offer you a level of wellness that exceeds your pre-injury condition.

Yoga Class

Valerie has studied Iyengar and Astanga yoga for over twenty five years and currently teaches yoga. She has found that integrating specific poses into her chiropractic practice has allowed her patients to enhance their recovery, prevent further injury and to improve posture.

Dr. Girard's Chiropractic Rehabilitation: Menu of Therapeutic Exercises for Healing Injuries

All exercises should be initially be guided by  Dr. Girard in her office so she can create a regime for you, given your specific injury or limitation. Exercises should never hurt but rather be performed within your functional range, appropriate for you at your level of comfort. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury or health issue which causes you pain or limitation, call Dr. Girard. 805-687-1617

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