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What is PanHarmonic Healing?

PanHarmonic Healing is an energetic healing modality researched and developed by Dr. Girard over the last 25 years. PHH uses the body itself to indicate how an individual's healing should be directed. The body presents a map that assists in accessing organs, emotions, imbalances, beliefs, mental issues as well as unconscious or spiritual issues. These are encoded in specific sites on the body and are linked up to produce a healing effect and a reduction of present symptoms. This code is called the Body Code. It has a basic form of twenty points giving access to organs and glands. Its extended code reaches deeply into the body's functions and can be used to balance blood sugar issues, allergies, neurotransmitters, infections and glandular issues.

How Does Chiropractic Care Work with PanHarmonic Healing?

Using muscle testing as a way to access information encoded in the body, PHH easily interfaces with chiropractic care. The body becomes the keyboard to the computer of our brain.

Because emotional issues may cause imbalances and the need for structural work, Dr. Girard may offer you the chance to check in emotionally with what is happening with your body. This may be a quick check in and be actualized in the normal treatment time.

You may ask to have both a treatment and an emotional healing session which will take one half hour. There is a fee reduction for the time allotment. You may also decide to go deeply into emotional issues that are affected your life and may request a short or longer session.

If you have had a shock or trauma in your life that continues to resonate in your nervous suystem, Dr. Girard has developed an effective and safe treatment for those who have been in automobile accidents, had emotional traumas or life shocks that have reduced function in the body. The results are immediate, far reaching and long lasting.

These Individual Sessions are Offered For Your Healing Needs.

PanHarmonic Healing - $65.00

Functional medicine treatment to clear imbalances, toxicities, allergies and initiate health.

Alignment/PanHarmonic - $120.00

Experience a full service alignment and balancing of physical and emotional body. 30 minutes.

Emotional Healing Session - $120.00

Access and clear blocked emotions affecting health and well being.30 minutes.

Depression Clearing - $120.00

Clears current and ongoing depression.30 minutes.

Shock and Trauma Clearing - $180.00

Removes current and old shocks and traumas that may be inhibiting your health and recovery. 45 minutes

Energetic Medical Reading - $185.00

Viewing and correcting of energetic imbalances in physical and energetic body. 60 minutes.

Life Path Reading - $200.00

Offers insight, corrections and direction for creating a powerful shift in your life. 60 minutes.

Soul Expansion with Drawing - $200.00

Expand your life direction by bringing your Soul Force into consciousness. Soul Drawing included. 60 minutes.


In addition, Dr. Girard teaches this work to professional and lay people so that they may heal themselves or assist others in their healing. Go here to find out more.


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As one of Santa Barbara's long term chiropractors, Dr. Girard offers brief consultations by phone to determine if she can assist you with your health care needs. She will direct you to other practitioners if she cannot provide you with the health care that best serves you.