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A Chiropractor's View of Functional Medicine:

How nutrition and chiropractic treatments can heal your body

As a Santa Barbara family chiropractor, Dr. Girard has utilized and blended functional medicine, chiropractic care and nutritional counseling for nearly thirty years to assist her patients in their healing process. In addition to utilizing blood tests and other lab tests with symptoms analysis, she employs a strong intuitive process to assess her patient’s exact nutritional needs to correct any underlying deficiencies that can cause chronic and long term health issues. She has studied with some of chiropractic’s finest and has developed nutritional protocols and treatments for the following:

Health Shake
  • Hypoglycemia

  • Allergies

  • Acute and chronic infection (non emergency)

  • Adrenal insufficiency

  • Menopause

  • Bowel Imbalances

  • Immune enhancement

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Recovery from surgery

  • Sports injuries

  • Toxicity (heavy metals, etc)

I had a terrible infection of Clostridium Difficile, a bacterial infection of the gastrointestinal tract. After numerous attempts by western medicine to correct it using antibiotics, I visited Dr. Girard's office, and with her treatments, I was completely back to normal in less than two weeks. Most C. Diff. sufferers can take up to one year to recover! -Brian


Valerie is a healer in the way of the ancients. When wellness meant wholeness, and healing addressed more than the physical body. Her gifts are many, her understanding profound. It's a blessing to treat with her. -J. Gustafson

Chiropractic Treatments and Nutritional Counseling: A Powerful Combination.


Dr. Girard has enjoyed sharing her wealth of knowledge about nutrition  and dietary recommendations with thousands of patients over the thirty years she has been in practice. She is able to formulate a nutritional program for you from your symptoms, diagnostic blood tests and your case history.  Over the last 30 years, Dr. Girard has tried and tested a variety of specific high quality supplements through nutraceutical companies that maintain the highest standards of quality, offering consistent results. She has experienced excellent results with each supplement - or she would not continue to carry them.

In addition, Dr. Girard performs specific tests to see if that supplement is the  correct support for your under lying health issue. 

Functional Medicine, Chiropractic Care and Blood tests: Why Important.

Dr. Girard often uses very detailed diagnostic  blood tests to determine which nutritional protocols are right for a patient's underlying health issues. "Functional medicine" as its called focuses on the underlying causes of a patient's health before it gets to an acute stage. This detailed information tells Dr. Girard a great deal about possible factors that are affection a patient's health over and above structural issues. Dr. Girard treats the "whole" body,  both holistically and scientifically (through blood work and other panels).

Reasons to Have a  Blood Test with a Chiropractor: To determine whether

    -there is inflammation in the body causing havoc

    -there are thyroid issues

    -there is a gluten intolerance which can lead to celiac disease

    -a patient may have high toxic levels of heavy metals

    -there are nutritional deficiencies that are affecting their health.

Dr. Girard then will advise her patients as to the appropriate nutritional support, dietary changes, herbs, minerals, chiropractic care and other protocols with the goal of bringing the lab work back to normal, healthy levels.

Nutritional Assessment - $120.00

Interpret and assess appropriate lab work and symptoms, create nutritional program. 30 minutes.

Nutritional Follow-up - $65.00

Present nutritional program. 15 minutes.

Combine Energetic Healing with Nutritional Changes and Your Body Can Heal.


Dr. Girard has spent over twenty-five years researching and developing this unique and powerful form of energetic healing called PanHarmonic Healing. This, in tandem with nutritional support and chiropractic care, has  the capacity to heal the physical, emotional and mental body with a succinct and elegant process. It is both diagnostic and treatment oriented and has provided many with a healing solution to their health issues. It is the perfect adjunct to nutritional intervention as it prepares the body to heal itself.

PanHarmonic Healing reaches across all avenues of healing to the depths of our true nature as humans. It was Thomas Edison who opined that the healing of the future would reflect the energetic nature of our being. Thus said, PanHarmonic has offered powerful results to those suffering from a variety of ailments.

With a diverse set of nutritional protocols and specific dietary changes, Dr. Girard can help your body heal itself.

Combined with nutrition, diet and right living, the results are often astounding. 

Santa Barbara Green Drink


Can I tell you how much I LOVE my green drink in the morning? Forget the coffee, this makes me feel fabulous! I encourage all my chiropractic patients to try this healthy drink at the beginning of each day. The greens alkalize your system and power you up with vitamins and minerals. The cilantro chelates out heavy metals, especially mercury. The chlorella binds the mercury to carry it safely out of the body. The lemon, parsley and ginger are detoxifying. The green tea and parsley are powerful anti-cancer agents. The apple or coconut make it taste so delicious, you will crave this drink daily. Your eyes and skin will get clearer as you detoxify over the weeks that you enjoy this great morning (and evening) drink.

In a blender or Vitamix add the following in this order:

1/2 -1 cup Organic Unfiltered Apple Juice


1/2 cup unsweetened coconut water

2 cups brewed green tea (if desired)

1 whole lemon, peeled

1 medium cucumber, in pieces

1 c fresh washed organic kale or other greens if desired

1/2- 1 cup or more cilantro

1/2 c parsley

1 medium chunk of ginger

3 stalks of celery, in pieces

5-6 ice cubes

1 Tbsp. Chlorella powder



Start your blender on low speed and gradually increase to full speed. Blend for 2-3 minutes until greens are well pulverized. You may need to push mash towards blades.

Makes 3-4 servings of drink.

santa barbara green drink by dr valerie
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