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Ear Candling

Dr. Valerie Girard, Chiropractor, Santa Barbara

What is ear candling and how does it work? Plugged ear? Vertigo? Ear candling may help.

Searching for a practitioner to perform ear candling in Santa Barbara? Dr. Girard, a Santa Barbara chiropractor,  for over 30 years, has experienced a noticeable benefit from ear candling and offers this to her patients for ear wax removal. Used as a technique for centuries world wide, the treatment involves using a parafin wax ear candle that is hollow and inserted in the ear. By lighting the far end of the candle, a draw is created that softens and extracts lodged wax. Like a "chimney effect"  the burning candle creates a vacuum that draws wax  out of the ear.


Patients will often experiences small popping or crackling sounds when the wax breaks free. Most patients find it an extremely relaxing procedure. After the candle has burned, Dr. Girard will show the patients the wax removed from the ear, which can vary between ears. 


Results and Benefits: Most patients notice a difference in their hearing, a decrease in vertigo or a plugged ear.

The doctor will also advise you to stay out of cold water for the next week as the ear may be more susceptible to cold water.

Ear Candling - $120

Both ears are candled, cleared and adjusted. 30-40 minutes. Laser therapy may be included.

dr valerie girard ear candling.jpg

Ear candling is also known as thermal-auricular therapy. 

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