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Recover Quickly From Surgery-Heal Faster Now.

Facing Surgery? Heal From Surgery Fast with Less Pain, Swelling and Downtime.

Visit Dr. Girard, a Santa Barbara Chiropractor for over 30 years,  before having surgery. She can help. She wrote the book on pre surgical preparation and post surgery recovery.

Pre-surgical preparation can make your surgical operation far easier, healing faster  with less pain so you can get back to your life sooner. 


Dr. Valerie Girard has helped hundreds of Santa Barbara patients prepare for and recover from surgery with huge success. She will guide you in all that you need to know in preparing for your surgery with dietary and nutritional support and gentle chiropractic. She wrote the book on surgical recovery, after all.....


In Recover Quickly from Surgery, Dr. Girard adeptly outlines easy to follow protocols to enhance surgical outcomes and shorten recovery time  by taking steps before surgery to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing times and reduce pain levels. Patients who are not having surgery have praised it for its insightful practice  to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Diet, supplementation, sleep, fitness, lifestyle choices, natural pain medication, detoxification are  covered in this easy-to-read book.

What foods should I avoid before surgery?

What supplements should I take before or after surgery?

What questions should I ask my surgeon?

Are there homeopathic remedies that will help my recovery?

What can I do to reduce pain and swelling after surgery?

Does cold laser therapy help with my pain and scarring after surgery?


This best selling clinically-researched guide covers every aspect of preparing and recovering faster from surgery naturally with less pain and swelling.


Learn effective natural pain management options that can assist you:

  • in weaning off toxic and addictive pain medication sooner;

  • in understanding which foods and supplements NOT to consume before surgery;

  • in how to care for your incision and reduce scarring;

  • in learning the Recover Quickly Diet and nutritional supplementation clinically shown to shorten recovery time;

  • in learning how to reduce risks of infection and complications by enhancing your immune system prior to your surgery;

  • with key questions for your surgeon before surgery;

  • with the essential items to bring to the hospital;

  • with how to detoxify from anesthesia;

  • in learning meditative exercises to relax you before and after surgery;

  • in managing the stress and emotions around surgery and much more.


A review of Recover Quickly From Surgery says:

"In Recover Quickly, Dr. Girard introduces the concept of “pre-hab” and how important it is to prepare your body and mind for the best results.  The book shares many helpful do’s and don’ts, statistics about, and helpful protocols to make sure you’re well-prepared. It makes sense that lifestyle and attitude have a lot to do with how you approach surgery and how quickly you recover. 


 The Recover Quickly From Surgery Diet:  includes helpful suggestions such as: what to eat and drink, how to detox, what supplements and herbs to use, what treatments might be helpful .... and the importance of sleep.

It is reassuring to know that being conscious and following this book’s simple advice will increase the potential for less swelling, less pain, faster recovery, and lower risk of complications.  The Recover Quickly Diet outlines the foods you should and should not eat weeks before and after surgery for a faster recovery, plus it outlines the supplements you could take to speed up recovery time, reduce swelling, and more. 


Dr. Valerie Girard's  30 years of knowledge, chiropractic treatments and nutritional protocols  will help your surgery process and recovery go smoothly.

You may purchase Recover Quickly at Dr. Girard's office as well as these venues:

Amazon:  or visit for more information as to how to prepare for your surgery and how to heal faster from surgery.

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Recover From Surgery Faster and Get Your Life Back Sooner
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