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Becoming a New Patient of Dr. Girard's: Patient Intake Forms and More

Welcome!  All new patients are required to fill out the "Patient Intake" form and a "Consent to Treatment" Form. 

This gives us the necessary information to :

  • Process you as a new patient

  • Address your chiropractic and health issues

  • Assess your health  problems related to your structural issues

  • Assist you with insurance claims


You may come to office and fill out forms there. If so, 

please  sure to get there 20 minutes before you meet with the doctor.

If you wish to avoid coming in 20 minutes before your appointment, you may download these forms and fill them out.


Dr. Girard asks these questions so that she may have a better understanding about your health issues. Be as thorough as possible.


Be sure to fill out all sides of the forms so that the doctor may spend all the appointment time assessing and administering treatment.

Please sign  and date both forms. . These are required of all patients before they can be treated.

We look forward to seeing you in our office and giving the best care possible.

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