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Chiropractic and Your Ultimate Health

Over the years I have marveled at how chiropractic has kept me healthy and working, even through significant injuries. In one or even a few sessions, problems that would have kept most people laid up were resolved or ameliorated so that I could continue serving my patients.

I have also heard from patients, over and over again, after one treatment, " This is a miracle! I can't believe how much better I feel." This is what makes being in practice over 35 years so gratifying.

Chiropractic works on the principle that the body is the ultimate healer. Yet the modern human's lifestyle is a constant challenge to the body's ability to heal. Diet, not enough sleep, food and alcohol, drugs, over doing it on the weekends, lifting and stress are all taxing to the body's ability to heal itself. That is where chiropractic comes in to play.

The body tends to respond to stress in specific patterns. I can often diagnose that the patient was doing to incur their condition by the pattern that shows up in their body.

Excessive sitting tends to stress the discs of the lower back. Heavy lifting challenges the sacro-iliac joints. Emotional stress presents in a very specific pattern in the low back. Lack of core strength will also show up as a pattern as will over-doing it in sports.

It is also easy to diagnose conditions that relate to diet or stress or even over-use. This comes with many years of experience, learning from patients, week-by-week. For truly, patients are my best teachers, inspiring me to keep expanding my knowledge of the body. I count on them to give me the clues that will assist me in aligning their body so that is can be the ultimate healer again.

The nervous system is like a high-end computer. The spine is its keyboard. A careful examination and history taking facilitates an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that will include not only specific adjustments but deep tissue and laser therapy, nutritional counseling, yoga and exercise therapty and emotional support when needed.

I maintain I have the best job in the world as every patient's issues are unique and each patients brings me the joy of helping someone. I am so grateful to enjoy the beautiful beings that find their way into my practice.

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