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Sports Taping for Rapid Recovery

Taping is one of the extraordinary tools that have been added to the chiropractor's repertoire of available modalities to assist patients in healing faster.

Many athlete's have used taping for years. Now the average chiropractic patient can benefit from being taped to accelerate their healing from any injury.

I especially enjoy using Rock Tape for its multiplicity of uses. It not only offers support, but it heals torn ligaments, sore tendons, bruised muscles as well as signal the brain to focus in on injured areas.

Taping can be done over joints, up the spine and across the body. It assists arthritic joints to respond more quickly to chiropractic. A/C joint injuries heal almost overnight with chiropractic and taping. Achilles tendon injuries often heal with consistent taping during activities. Rotator Cuff injuries respond well to the proper taping of the joint, especially when accompanied with shoulder, neck and upper back adjustments.

It can assist the body in expelling sea-urchin spines or splinters. It can serve as a postural reminder to maintain good posture.

If you visit your chiropractor or trainer and think taping could enhance your healing process, be sure to ask for Rock Tape, my favorite for it durability and flexibility in its healing possibilities.

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