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Preparing for Flu Season in a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Preparing for Flu Season in a Pandemic

The uptick of the COVID-19 pandemic might be this: by wearing a mask and keeping social distance in public places, we might well reduce our exposure to influenza and other viral flu's.

This is the time of year that I always begin my flu-prevention protocol to assist my body in fighting flu's and colds that my patients may have been exposed to from others.

Here is what I take on a daily basis:

2 Bio-Immunozyme Forte daily (from Biotics Research() to boost the function of my immune system.

5000 mg Vitamin D Forte (also Biotics) to boost immunities.

Chaga mushroom 1 teaspoon in my daily protein shake (king of immune boosters)

Zinc Lozenges when I have a big work day. (anti-viral)

Probiotics to maintain a healthy gut, the seat of our immune system.

In addition, I do my best to work out everyday with cardio or swimming to keep my lymphatic system cleansing. Maintaining a healthy diet is key, eating gluten-free, cow-dairy free diet with low sugar/alcohol/ caffeine consumption whenever possible.

Nutritional therapists have known for ages that Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system. Now science is catching up:

“Our pilot study demonstrated that administration of a high dose of Calcifediol or 25-hydroxyvitamin D, a main metabolite of vitamin D endocrine system, significantly reduced the need for ICU treatment of patients requiring hospitalization due to proven COVID-19. Calcifediol seems to be able to reduce severity of the disease, but larger trials with groups properly matched will be required to show a definitive answer..

I must admit I find it increasingly frustrating that readily available and relatively cheap medications like Calcifeiol and the steriod Dexamethasone are being sidelined by politicians in preference to promoting expensive new drugs like the anti-viral Remdesivir. Nor, at least in the US, is the use of ordinary vitamin D tablets to ensure adequate levels in the body being emphasized as likely helping reduce the effects of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. WHY? “

-Dr. John Campbell.

COVID-19 is a corona virus, like many of the flu's we have had to endure. Now is time to proactively attend to your health, especially in this challenging season that is upon us. Follow a healthy protocol, wear your mask when in public and wash your hands often...which is never a bad idea!

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