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Coronavirus: Staying Healthy is Key!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Cases of the coronavirus are growing daily. With it, so are fears of contracting the virus from unknown sources as we learn that ‘community’ cases are now erupting, with no known plausible infectious contact. This virus is more virulent and deadly than the common flu. We are told that symptom-less carriers can spread the disease without knowing they are infected.

In addition, the virus can be spread through surfaces which, when touched, can be transmitted to the eyes, the mouth and the nose.

It is important that anyone with upper respiratory symptoms must prevent the spread by wearing a mask. Engage with frequent hand washing for 10-20 seconds with hand soap, especially after being in public places. In addition, it is important to keep your immune system strong. Here are some suggestions:

1. Maintain your healthiest diet. Avoid sugar, gluten, excessive dairy and alcohol. Veggies and protein are a solid bet in providing nutrition and a balanced internal pH. which is essential for fighting infection. Consumption of meat, grains, sugar, dairy and alcohol will all result in an acidic system, prone to inflammation and infection. Fruit and vegetables are alkaline and are needed to balance consumption of acidic foods. Soups are a powerful way to infuse your body with protein and vegetables.

2. Enhance immunity with proper sleep! Get eight hours a night if possible!

3. Certain supplements enhance immunity, especially anti-oxidants.These include Vitamins A, C, E, zinc and selenium. These are contained in Bio-Protect, a formula I use to bolster patient's immune systems who are going through surgery. I also recommend Bio-Immunozyme Forte as powerful formulas that have stopped viral infections and flu in their tracts. I now recommend taking two of the Bio-Immunozyme Forte formula daily as a powerful preventative to catching the flu from others. In addition, liquid zinc has been found to be effective and somewhat protective in preventing the worsening of symptoms. Gargle and swish in your mouth before swallowing.

4. Boost your immunity with foods such as blueberries and Chaga mushrooms, which are powerful immune enhancers. Chaga powder can be placed in a protein smoothie or juice.

5. Handle your stress and fear with meditation and quiet time. It is important to not succumb to fear of a ‘pandemic’, but rather be conscious of how you are spending your time in public. Maintain an attitude of awareness and intuition about when and where to be - avoiding large crowds if possible.

6. Prepare by having adequate food, water and needed medicine on hand in case of quarantine.

7. Your lymphatic system is your cleansing organ, carrying out metabolic waste. Congested lymphatic systems may cause you to succumb to flu more easily. Exercise and doing legs-up-the-wall assist in lymph drainage. Drinking hot water and lemon assists in mobilizing the lymph. We also carry various lymph drainage formulas.

7. Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth and eyes after being in public until after you wash your hands with soap and water for 10-20 seconds.

8. Adopt the ‘Namaste' bow from yoga when saying goodbye. It offers the same message as a hug.

9. Stay supportive and connected with your loved ones....this will enhance your immune system and theirs.

10. Enhance your own immune system with affirmations. "I love myself unconditionally" and "I love you unconditionally" seem to be very powerful energetic aids to assist in remaining healthy and strong during this challenging time.

11. Keep abreast of the number of contamination cases in your own community. Stay informed without succumbing to panic.

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