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Fire Up Your Immune System

Knowing that the specter of COVID-19 may remain with us for the weeks and months to come, perhaps it is time to increase your overall health quotient.

Summer is coming and no doubt people will relax their safety measures of social distancing and wearing masks and gloves in stores. Businesses are pressing to open just to stay afloat. While Santa Barbara has a fairly low rate of daily increase in the spread of the virus, we still need to take necessary precautions.

Many of those who lost their lives to COVID-19 had underlying health conditions. This means that their specific organs such as their liver, kidney, heart and lungs, as well as those who were obese and had diabetes were especially vulnerable.

While staying at home might tempt us to eat more – healthy and unhealthy foods- as well as consume more alcohol, this might not be the best track to follow. We are fortunate to have plenty of fresh food available to us in Santa Barbara. Plan your meals daily to avoid ‘restless snacking.’

In addition to eating healthfully, take a walk daily, in an uncrowded area. There are multiple online yoga and workout sites that are either free or will help a gig worker who is not able to work at their studios.

May I also suggest a supplement plan that will greatly boost the immune systems response to any infection?

Several studies indicate that liquid zinc, coating the oral cavity and the esophagus, throws a wrench in the virus’s RNA-synthesis machine. This reduces the length of time of symptoms, should you become exposed. The dose should be 15-30mg of zinc. A zinc lozenge can deliver this dose if you cannot find liquid zinc anywhere. I finally have received a shipment of zinc lozenges a month after ordering.

Chaga mushroom is considered the king of immunity. It is a powerful antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and general immune system stimulant There are countless studies and research panels backing up the extremely high levels of antioxidants and immune-boosting polysaccharides in Chaga. Put it in your smoothie or tea.

BioImmunozyme Forte: I love this supplement – it has probably saved me from getting sick from the flu over a dozen times. It gets your immune system to do what it does best: fight pathogens by pumping up your immunoglobulin response.

Vitamin D. I like mycellized liquid D so that my body absorbs it faster. 5-10,000 during this epidemic.

Vitamin C has been touted as a great immunity booster. 2000-4000 milligrams daily.

Keeping inflammation down might also be key in fighting possible infection. Taking proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach may also be key in helping your immune system kick into full functioning gear.

Keep healthy by eating healthfully, de-stressing, exercise such as walks or yoga

Maintain a positive attitude – I tell myself, “This too shall pass”. “ Everyday I am healthier and healthier.”

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