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Several people I know have come down with a fever and flu-like symptoms. People I know with flu-like symptoms, are getting tested and the tests are coming back negative for COVID-19. Which means that there is another flu that is going around at this time.

For many years I have treated my flu symptoms with the following protocol. It has greatly reduced the amount of time that I felt sick. In some cases, I woke up the next morning, without the flu.

I have passed this protocol on to several people in the last two weeks who were feeling chills and a fever coming on. After doing the following process, they felt significantly better the next day, with the fever gone. However I learned something from their feedback: it is then important to rest in place for 2-3 days. DO NOT JUMP BACK INTO WORK!

If you begin to get flu-like symptoms, do the following immediately:

1. Gargle with liquid zinc, or use a zinc lozenge. If you have zinc tablets, then grind them up and mix with water and gargle with to coat the throat.

2. Draw a very hot bath

3. Have sweat clothes next to tub.

4. Prepare hot water and lemon to drink while in tub.

5. Get in tub up to your chin and drink hot water and lemon to begin the sweating process.

6. Once you are sweating for ten minutes, get out, dry off, put on sweat clothes, get into bed and sweat for 1.5 hours.

7. Once the sweating process has broken your fever, go take a shower and scrub your skin vigorously.

8. Put on clean clothes, get back into bed and sleep if possible. Get as much sleep as possible and stay warm.

9. Eat very simply - keep drinking hot water and lemon.

If your fever does not break and goes over 103˚, and you are feeling increasingly sick, check with your doctor immediately.

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