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How to Heal From Exposure to Fungus, Yeast and Mold Infections

June 18, 2017 @ 9:01 PM


Thirty years ago, when I was five years in to my chiropractic practice in Santa Barbara,CA, Candida Albicans started making nutritional headlines. It was the hidden problem behind many health issues. Today, this issue still exists along with other hidden problems.

While everyone has a small amount of these organisms in their bodies, stress, diet and antibiotic use can cause an overgrowth that begins to compromise the immune system. In addition, as these organisms live and die off, their cell walls have a toxic effect on the body and can cause a variety of health issues. In some cases, their presence in the body absolutely overcomes the ability of the body to function normally.

Symptoms. Molds, mold spores, fungi and yeast can inhabit the lungs, vaginal tracts, bladder, sinuses, colon, blood, lymph and the throat, as well as external parts of the body such as nail beds. Symptoms can be chronic issues with the gut, sore throats, sinus issues, chronic headaches, ear pain, bladder issues, fungal skin and nail issues, chronic lung issues, fuzzy thinking, bloating, food sensitivity, malaise, pneumonia, compromised immunity and even mental and emotional issues. Often the overgrowth occurs on an intracellular level causing an organ to malfunction.A long term candida, fungal or mold infection can compromise your immune system and decrease its ability to deal with more serious issues.

If you have taken antibiotics for any length of time, taken birth control pills, prednisone, been pregnant or have had a high sugar content diet, you may have developed a candida imbalance. If you have lived in a house where there has been mold, even if it was not visible, you may have an internal mold infestation. If you have worked around chemicals that may have suppressed your immune system or been exposed to fungus in a gym or tropical region, you may have an external or internal fungal infection.

What cures a mold infection? While there are pharmaceutical remedies available, many holistic practitioners offer a more complete healing process. Along with diet, (which should exclude foods such as sugars, yeast products, processed carbohydrates, alcohol, wheat, breads even some fruit), certain herbal products can be very effective in reducing yeast and fungal loads in the body to normal levels. Standardized oregano oil, pau

d’arco, tea tree oil, clove oil, grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract can be very effective in reducing mold, yeast and fungal levels in the body. These therapies must be accompanied by a diet change as well as the use of probiotics. There are also homeopathic preparations that have been effective in empowering the immune system to attack  these organisms and bring the body into balance again. Dr. Girard will prescribe a specific diet that will not encourage more yeast growth.

After treatment, there may be a period where symptoms worsen as the organisms die off and the toxic byproducts are released from the body. Generally, their cellular toxins are released through the bowel and the lymphatic system. Symptoms can include headaches, bowel changes, tiredness, coated tongue and general malaise. This process is temporary yet essential.

One must also realize that there may be other underlying infectious agents such as parasites and bacteria that are also out of balance in the gut. A follow up protocol of various herbal tinctures may be indicated. These issues can be diagnosed in a variety of ways with lab work and symptoms surveys.

During a mold cleanse, the foods you should eat include proteins such as seafood and poultry, non-starchy veggies, goat dairy, healthy fats and oils, fermented probiotic foods, low sugar fruits and non-glutinous grains. Buts and seeds such as almonds, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds can be consumed, especially if they are soaked first.

Each candida, mold or yeast infestation case must be dealt with individually as there may be concomitant issues such as allergies or organ toxicity. It is best to consult a health care practitioner who is adept at guiding patients through removing a mold, fungal or candida overgrowth. I will help you with a specific diet and a herbal therapy protocol as well as coach your through the die off period that usually last two to three weeks.

In my office, I have been able to diagnose and treat many of these conditions with energetic medicine, herbs and homeopathy for the last 30 years. If you have questions about any of these symptoms or conditions, feel free to call for a short consultation at no charge.

Dr. Valerie Girard is a chiropractor based in Santa Barbara, CA with over 30 years of experience in holistic chiropractic treatments for the family, cold laser therapy, holistic energetic medicine, functional medicine, orthotics and much more. You can contact her at 1725 State Street B, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 687-1617

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