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Staying Healthy: UPdate

COVID-19 Staying Healthy Update

Since the last Staying Healthy blog, so much has transpired. On the sad note, the number of documented cases has continues to climb. The number of total fatalities is now just under 100.

China has been able to close its COVID-19 hospitals and allow some to return to social contact. However, medical experts are predicting that this will act less like a bell curve and more like a roller coaster. While we are definitively behind the infection curve of this pandemic, there is HOPE, that if we all act for the good of all of those around us, we will shorten the span and lessen the effects of this pandemic.

Much of the world is considering or engaging in social distancing and self-quarantine. With the right practices of hand washing and social distancing among ALL ages, we can keep the RATE of infection from growing. This is critical for the menace of COVID-19. to greatly diminish its effect on world health.

Here is a link that shows daily world stats of rate, new cases, recovery and more:

I am now asking myself, “What can I learn from this experience? How can I take advantage of this time where I must stay at home and not work? ” Here are some points of reflection I have come up with to consider for your own health and well-being.

1. Maintain a practice of reflection, meditation and breathing through stressful moments. Maintain an attitude of LOVING KINDNESS with those at home and when you must go out.

2. Replace fear, confusion and denial with thoughts of love, light and awareness.

3. Visualize and affirm that this virus will die out sooner than expected.

4. Attend to projects you have had to put on the back burner for years. (cleaning out old photos, straightening the garage, organizing cupboards, writing, creating new classes etc.)

5. Let nature be your therapist with long walks up deserted roads or even in the neighborhood where you can wave to neighbors. Or, call your therapist for an on the phone session when you most need it….

6. Shop for someone who is sick at home and leave food on their doorstep.

7. Reach out by phone to those who are by themselves and catching up. I am even sending people photos from my collection of the sweet times in the past.

8. Want a present for someone in the future? Order a gift certificate from your favorite store or restaurant to give in the future. It would really help right now……

Let’s be in this together and even though we are in social distance mode, stay connected through THOUGHTS, LOVE and PRAYER.

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